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The Fruiting Body represents the completeness and full development of the mushrooms’ life cycle. This process initially begins with new life and follows with multiple stages of development, until ultimately a fulfilled life.

Our story began the same and continues to grow and evolve.

Fruiting Body is a medicinal mushroom company that has been both molded and shaped by our local and international community, right here in Phuket, Thailand. We understand the value of lifestyle and are committed to sharing the secrets of success and personal freedom.

Connection is our goal, and whether you are traveling, a digital nomad, working 9-5, or simply still finding your way, we want to share with you the mystic power of ancient mushroom medicines that have been passed down for thousands of years. We believe that everyone in this world deserves a life of greatness, fueled by their passion and purpose.

We see a world filled with opportunity and believe that our mushrooms can help support you along the way.

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We strive on cultivating, harvesting and supplying only the highest quality of Fruiting Body mushroom extracts.  We aim to provide you with a supplement that gives you the power to accomplish anything you want. Fruiting body’s medicinal mushrooms will grant you a host of benefits that in time will spark new beginnings and your own story, this is our golden rule.  

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We truly are a species with amnesia. We have forgotten a very important part of our story. Fruiting Body Mushrooms was created to guide people back to the ways of our ancient ancestors.

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Our Story





We truly are a species with amnesia. We have forgotten a very important part of

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