Holy Aloha Poker Girl Tells Her Story || Fruiting Body Podcast #29

Alona “Holy_Aloha” Myronenko is a popular Ukrainian streamer and talented poker player, who has won dozens of online tournaments and many final tables in live poker. Alena visited the KYIV UA Millions series, where she joined the PokerMatch team.

In two years “Holy_Aloha” went from the streamer team to the ranks of ambassadors, and now a representative of the Poker.ua portal. Alena has been living in Phuket, Thailand where she conducts most of her twitch poker streams from the pool to the seaside.

Recently Alena has been paying more attention to the cash game, where she was coached by one of the best heads-up players in the world Stefan Burakov. But today Holy_Aloha decided to return to tournament poker again and continues to delight the audience with big drifts. All cards are on the table in this episode of Fruiting Body Podcast as we get to know the lady behind the cards, professional poker player Alena Mironenko.

We dive deep into the world of online poker, find out the perfect strategy for your cash game, what “Holy_Aloha” uses to stay focused and how many poker games can Alena play in one sitting?

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