NFTs & The Metaverse - LEARN THE BASICS || Fruiting Body Podcast #28

Nataruch Vatcharayothin (Mix) joins us today with Lex Chernock to discuss the new global trend that has taken the hearts of collectors everywhere, NFT’s and the Metaverse. Mix is an NFT artist from Bangkok, Thailand who has launched two successful NFT projects, namely, Timixabie and Pigaboo. ‘

Mix has been drawing ever since she was young, bringing to life two comic books by the age of 19. The NFT platform and community have allowed her to once again utilize her talents and create NFT art that inspires with messages of belief in one’s self.

Lex is an online teacher and collector by heart who currently resides in Phuket, Thailand, after discovering the NFT space he decided to learn more about the current craze currently sweeping the world. Also, Lex was on a previous episode discussing how his family has been stuck in Phuket for over the past 20+ months. Join us in this episode of Fruiting Body Podcast where we take the red pill and discover the world of NFT’s.

Our guest Mix gives us the lowdown on what exactly is an NFT, how does one starts their own NFT project, and what makes these digital art pieces so valuable? Don’t miss out as we talk about the different platforms available, explore top artists, and uncover the mystery of the Metaverse.

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